Road Trip! – Wanås Castle & Art

dsc_0317-copyMy road trip to the south of Sweden led me to Wanås, where I visited Wanås Castle. The castle is a private residence that is surrounded by an art foundation with a sculpture park and center for art.

dsc_0318-copyThis is the entrance, shop and indoor gallery space.


dsc_0328-copyThe focus of the sculpture park and center for art is international contemporary art with site-specific installations.

dsc_0311Gates of the Festival, 2014, by Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Material: neon, stop motion animation, HD video, 4 channel surround sound.

dsc_0332Al fresco dining with lunch at the picnic tables.

dsc_0336Wish Trees for Wanås, 1996/2011, by Yoko Ono.

dsc_0363-copyDetail of In Dreams, 2016, by Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Material: mixed media.

dsc_0353Pyramiden, 1989-1990, by Gunilla Bandolin.

dsc_0355Primary Structure, 2011, by Jacob Dahlgren.

dsc_0367Dining Room, 2006, by Melissa Martin.

dsc_0375-copyEven the castle façade featured an art installation with a swarm of 300 giant ants by Rafael Gomezbarros. This was extra fun as I’d already seen the swarming ant installation by at Saatchi Gallery in 2014, during their Pangaea: New Art from Africa and Latin America exhibition.