Haggerston Graffiti

Graffiti London

My adventures yesterday saw me visiting the Haggerston area in London where I spotted the following graffiti. The chameleon has to be one of my all time favorites.

Graffiti London

Graffiti London

Graffiti London

Graffiti London

Graffiti London


Hermès Wanderland at Saatchi Gallery

Wanderland Hermès Exhibition

There’s a new Hermès exhibition in town titled Wanderland with whimsical sets or rather scenography by Hubert le Gall and is curated by Bruno Gaudichon. The exhibition, at Saatchi Gallery, celebrates flânerie, the art of urban wandering. Throughout the length of the exhibition you’re invited to become a flâneur and to follow the map that guides its audience through a series of elaborate rooms and atmospheres.

Hermès Wanderland Saatchi Gallery

The Hermès 2015 theme Flâneur Forever, aims to encourage the quintessentially Parisian practice of flânerie, which is central to the Hermès stores, displays and objects claims artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas.

Hermes Wanderland Exhibition Saatchi Gallery

The exhibition felt uncharacteristically unlike what I’ve come to expect from the previous Hermès exhibitions and the brand as a whole. It felt like entering the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland or a Disneyland amusement park but without the rides. Certain sections such as the street artist (graffiti room), with what looked like work inspired by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein appeared entirely out of place from the tradition of refined elegance that has made Hermès products so desirable.

Hermès Wanderland Exhibition

Hermes Wanderland Exhibition

My favorite section of the exhibition was the passage that mimicked a traditional shopping arcade and showed an elephant in a china shop, a pet shop run riot, an antiquaire à l’Hermès.

Hermes Wanderland Exhibition

Exhibition on until the 2nd of May at Saatchi Gallery – Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road, London, SW3 4RY. Daily 10am – 6pm. Free entry.

My Darling Mayfair

London Mayfair

Mayfair – the place where I probably spend far too much time, yet not nearly enough. The beautiful buildings, shops and galleries offer a welcome escape to drab days.

Loro Piana

My his and her wardrobe come warmer weather, as seen at the luxurious Loro Piana boutique. The next step is to find the real life gallant man that can fill out the outfit and go ever so nicely with my her.

Burlington Arcade London

Burlington Arcade.

Old Bond Street London

Old Bond Street.

Gallery Hunting in Kennington

Strata SE1 Building London

I have now been back in London for a little over a month, where I’ve been absolutely swamped with work but that’s only to be expected as I’ll be graduating this summer.

Kennington Underground Station

Spent my day gallery hunting around the Kennington area as part of my latest project, which I hope to reveal a bit more on soon so stay tuned.