Grocery Shopping in Tokyo

SushiI love grocery shopping in Tokyo. My local supermarket has the best sushi and tempura (deep fried) aisle, which tops several Japanese restaurants internationally. My go-to favorites include kappamaki (cucumber rolls) and pumpkin, sweet potato tempura. Add some edamame to that and I’m golden.

Japanese TempuraJapanese tempura.

Japanese ChipsThe snack aisles are pretty epic but that’s easy for me to say who grew up snacking on Japanese shrimp chips and seaweed flavored potato chips.

Raspberry KitKatRaspberry KitKat bars, where else? They also have matcha/green tea flavored KitKats, which I’ve tried and are quite nice.

Japanese chocolate grocery aisleThe chocolate aisle has me drooling at the mere thought. Meji’s almond chocolates and macadamia chocolates are delicious. As are Meji’s meltykiss chocolates (strawberry flavor is my favorite), which live up to their name in the way that they melt in your mouth.


Slow House – スローハウス

Slow House TokyoVisited the oh so trendy lifestyle shop Slow House, located by the Tennozu waterfront in Tokyo.

Slow House, Tokyo

スローハウス, Slow HouseThe lifestyle shop stocks a selection of chic things, ranging from fashion, cosmetics, homewares, food and plants to vintage furniture. I’m a fan of their ceramics, which looks like unique one of a kind pieces.

Slow House Tokyo

スローハウス, Slow House

Tennozu Waterfront, TokyoTennozu waterfront.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Pierre HermePierre Hermé macarons.

When in Paris one shops, so I visited the department store Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann, near Opéra national de Paris Palais Garnier, to do just that.

Galeries Lafayette Paris

Galeries Lafayette ParisThe interior architecture with its exquisite art nouveau stained glass cupola is quite the sight.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Galeries Lafayette GourmetGaleries Lafayette Gourmet with its fine food deli and marketplace full of mouth-watering delicatessen was a true sensory delight.

Tortellini at Galeries Lafayette GourmetAn assortment of fresh tortellini.

Galeries Lafayette GourmetCharcuterie.

La Route des Indes, Galeries LafayetteLoose-leaf tea at La Route des Indes.

Galeries LafayetteThe pâtisserie of my dreams. Pink, pink, and more pink with framboises (raspberries – which I love!), oh and let’s not forget about chocolate… drool! While in Paris, I’ve even tried pink sparkling raspberry wine.

Slow House Tokyo


Slow House is a super trendy lifestyle brand here in Tokyo and to briefly sum it up, it’s a hipster’s paradise.

The store is large with two full stories of carefully selected items for every aspect of your life. That includes everything from mason jars, bistro chairs, and exciting ceramics for the kitchen; obscure artisanal soaps (organic of course) for the bathroom; decorative items for the living room; clothes and accessories; as well as a large gardening section.


Upstairs focuses mainly on vintage furniture, all with a retro Scandinavian feel.


The boutique is situated in a cute area with chic restaurants and a bakery. All are located by a spacious river deck that offers a nice opportunity for a leisurely stroll with a view of the water and Tokyo’s cityscape.