Loft – Stationery

DSC_0109As I am about to embark on my master’s thesis, a trip to Loft in Shibuya became necessary to stock up on cute stationery to help me keep track of all of the research and writing to come.

DSC_0106Pink macaroon shaped paperclips; panda and bunny stick markers, sprinkle and jelly bean double clips; pliable monkey clip/bookmarks; and pastel bear sticky notes were just some of the kawaii (cute) essentials that I purchased.

DSC_0118Loft has the best sticker assortment section that I have ever seen. Their dog stickers featuring dachshunds, pomeranians, akita dogs and toy poodles are ridiculously adorable and make me want a doggie so bad. I also picked up some panda, patisserie and sumo stickers. I’m not entirely sure how cute stickers are going to help me in my quest for academic success but I simply had to have them.

DSC_0143Shibuya, Tokyo.