Road Trip! – Kalmar Castle

dsc_0099The first stop during my road trip was in Kalmar. It seems that I have not only traveled quite the distance but that I have also time traveled.

dsc_0103The history of Kalmar castle can be traced back to the 12th century, but it seems that I have traveled into the 16th century – when the medieval castle was redesigned to adopt Renaissance fashions, thus giving its current design.



As I was wandering the castle my imagination went wild. I imagined what life at Kalmar castle would have been like during the different centuries that it was actively being used. What scandals, intrigues and drama took place there? Did I mention that they had/have a dungeon?


dsc_0131The interiors featured beautifully preserved frescos.

dsc_0151Sparse interiors remain but there were still stunningly large and ornate tapestries, as well as portraits to be seen.

dsc_0167I now have some new ideas on how to accessorize a dining table. If only I knew where to get a beautiful peacock and swan to help decorate my own.


dsc_0181Detail of an interior ceiling.

dsc_0194The intimate and oh so charming chapel.

dsc_0231Castle courtyard.

dsc_0110Decorated archway/tunnel as seen in the castle courtyard.