Kappabashi / Kitchen Town


Despite my young age (23), I have a pensioner’s passion for acquiring beautiful porcelain. This includes for practical everyday kitchen use and also for display around my home. One of my favorite places to visit in Tokyo to exercise my obsession and completely empty my wallet is Kappabashi, which I hit HARD yesterday.


Kappabashi is a shopping street lined with kitchen and restaurant supply stores with everything from cooking and baking materials to glass, porcelain, menus, restaurant displays, etc.


I shopped my weight in porcelain and other fun kitchen supplies (queue cute sushi magnets, onigiri molds, chocolate and cupcake molds, ice lolly freezing trays, designer lunchboxes, etc.). Making it all possible was having the luxury of repeatedly disposing of my fabulous, heavy hoard in the car trunk, while continuing to shop for hours.


Now the question that remains is what to prioritize and bring back with me to Stockholm and what to leave at home in Tokyo. #thirdculturekidproblem