Grand Trianon & Petit Trianon

Grand Trianon at VersaillesA trek through the rainy gardens of Versailles led me to discover the Grand Trianon château, a palace of dreamy pink marble and porphyry.

Grand Trianon at Versailles

Grand Trianon Interior, Versailles

Grand Trianon Interior

Grand Trianon Interior

Grand Trianon Versailles

VersaillesOn my walk from the Grand Trianon to the Petit Trianon I passed through what seemed like a charming little village, far less ostentatious than the exquisite palaces.

Angelina at VersaillesFueling my garden adventure was earlier sustenance that took the form of some delicious Angelina pâtisserie, washed down with the infamous Angelina chocolat chaud (hot chocolate). Sugar rush galore!

Petit Trianon VersaillesWhen I reached the Petit Trianon château it had me wondering where the delicious count Axel von Fersen or rather Jamie Dornan was hiding?!?! Ah, I’m a total sucker for Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette (2006) with its stunning mise-en-scène, costumes, etc.  –  j’adore.

Petit Trianon Interior DetailThe initials M.A. for Marie Antoinette in the wrought iron stair railing.

Petit Trianon Interior

Petit Trianon Interior DetailEven the door, knob and lock were works of art.

Petit Trianon Interior

Garden of Versailles


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