Ice & Absent Saffron Buns

dsc_0309It’s now my second winter in Stockholm and I still haven’t found my bearing when it comes to icy, slippery, hellish sidewalks. The result being that I look like a less excited and less cute version of Bambi on ice. So, this means spending copious amounts of time indoors meaning that I officially finished my master’s thesis a few weeks back and before that curated an exhibition featuring a cutting-edge Japanese architecture firm. Whew!

dsc_0314 Ah, if only the city could evenly zamboni the ice to resurface it smoothly, then I would probably opt for the relief of popping on my ice skates and gliding around more gracefully.

dsc_0326Strandvägen, Djursholm.

dsc_0323Winter is still on, but sadly the delicious saffron buns that make it slightly more bearable have come and gone. #roughlife

dsc_0325Fortunately I took these pictures of the delicious saffron buns at Fabrique before they vanished until next year. That way I can salivate all over my keyboards indulging in the sweet tasty memory, while absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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