Fall in Stockholm, Sweden

dsc_0201After a few miserable days weather-wise in Stockholm, the weather has finally cleared up and revealed some much missed sunlight. Gracious Apollo has answered my pleas.


dsc_0328The air is cold and crisp but it’s totally worth it for clear blue skies, fresh air, and a bit of sunlight. I seriously miss spring/summer and the feeling of caressing warm sunlight on my skin. Just some six-seven months before it starts to get bearable again, so the countdown has officially begun.

dsc_0343One of my favorite Stockholm views is of the beautiful buildings, boats and water by Strandvägen.


Road Trip! – Brahehus Ruins

dsc_0380The ruins of Brahehus Castle during sunset stir up feelings of eeriness. Perhaps it is due to their reminder of time passed, or films such as the adaption of Jane Eyre and the TV-series Outlander (my secret guilty pleasure for one very obvious reason – eye-candy Jamie Fraser duh).

dsc_0400Quite the location for a castle with its beautiful views of the ocean in the distance.


Road Trip! – Wanås Castle & Art

dsc_0317-copyMy road trip to the south of Sweden led me to Wanås, where I visited Wanås Castle. The castle is a private residence that is surrounded by an art foundation with a sculpture park and center for art.

dsc_0318-copyThis is the entrance, shop and indoor gallery space.


dsc_0328-copyThe focus of the sculpture park and center for art is international contemporary art with site-specific installations.

dsc_0311Gates of the Festival, 2014, by Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Material: neon, stop motion animation, HD video, 4 channel surround sound.

dsc_0332Al fresco dining with lunch at the picnic tables.

dsc_0336Wish Trees for Wanås, 1996/2011, by Yoko Ono.

dsc_0363-copyDetail of In Dreams, 2016, by Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Material: mixed media.

dsc_0353Pyramiden, 1989-1990, by Gunilla Bandolin.

dsc_0355Primary Structure, 2011, by Jacob Dahlgren.

dsc_0367Dining Room, 2006, by Melissa Martin.

dsc_0375-copyEven the castle façade featured an art installation with a swarm of 300 giant ants by Rafael Gomezbarros. This was extra fun as I’d already seen the swarming ant installation by at Saatchi Gallery in 2014, during their Pangaea: New Art from Africa and Latin America exhibition.