Road Trip! – 10 Ways with Swedish Glass

dsc_0206Also at Kalmar Castle and in what used to be its foremost banquet hall during Johan III’s time, is the now converted temporary exhibition space currently showing 10 Ways with Swedish Glass (May 22 – October 30, 2016). The exhibition was created exclusively for Kalmar Castle and showcases the work of 10 different glass artists.


dsc_0215Glass art seems to be quite the hot ticket as Millesgården in Stockholm also recently showed glass art in their Swedish Contemporary Glass Art exhibition (February 6 – May 8, 2016).



1 thought on “Road Trip! – 10 Ways with Swedish Glass

  1. Have several pieces of Swedish glass bough during various trips when the DFDS ferry still sailed between Newcastle and Gothenburg. Had to forego some pieces as I feared for their safety in a car filled with luggage and restless children, instead opting for the chunky and hopefully indestructible. One piece sits on a window ledge where sun and changing light means it always looks different.


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