Road Trip!

dsc_0279I’m back in Sweden and it’s about time that I do a road trip to get out of the capital and see some new sights. I’m heading south, so stay tuned for my adventures.

dsc_0281Road trip! So much forest and countryside to pass through…


3 thoughts on “Road Trip!

    • I don’t know if it’s because of films and/or dark fairy tales, but I find that I feel very uneasy when I see or am near a forest – or any kind of nature for that matter, apart from a well trimmed garden that is bathing in strict symmetry. Here the smell of fresh pine is prevalent, it almost makes me short of breath as I am not yet used to the crisp fresh air.

      I must admit that my move to Sweden has left me feeling like a fish out of water. It’s very different to my darling Asia and London, which I miss dearly.


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