Sanrio World Ginza – サンリオワールド ギンザ

DSC_0136I love visiting Sanrio World Ginza as almost everything is pink, glittery and totally girly. カワイイ(kawaii – cute)!

dsc_0146Nearly everything you could possibly imagine and then some, is available at Sanrio World with mainly Hello Kitty but also other cute Sanrio characters. This includes pens, calculators, double-clips, paperclips, erasers, sharpeners, key chains, bedazzled cellphone covers, chargers, porcelain, chopsticks, lunchboxes, lip gloss, beauty products, hand towels, umbrellas, handbags, toiletry cases, suitcase straps, and postcards. The list goes on and on but I thought I’d just mention a few of the things available.

dsc_0140Despite the fact that I don’t like real life cats, I am a fan of Kitty-san. So I decided to pimp up my suitcase by purchasing a fabulous new suitcase strap to replace my tattered old, boring gray one that matched my suitcase to perfection. #oldpersontryingtobeyoungagain

dsc_0147Tasty Hello Kitty biscuits.

dsc_0148Don’t think they’ve forgotten about catering to men as an assortment of stylish Hello Kitty ties are available to the fashion conscious male.


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