Breadworks – ブレッドワークス

DSC_0151Tokyo has a great deal of terrific bakeries and Breadworks is no exception. I adore freshly baked bread and hunting for the perfect loaf that suits the mood of my taste buds is an indulgence that I enjoy immensely.


DSC_0153I buy an almond croissant and fresh juice, as well as a loaf to bring home with me and head to the outdoor dining area to enjoy a beautiful day by the Tokyo canal.


3 thoughts on “Breadworks – ブレッドワークス

    • That’s so commendable! I love the idea of making my own bread and being aware of all of the ingredients that go into it. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience yet as lately I’ve focused all of my attention on perfecting my macaroon making skills. Perhaps bread shall be my next feat.


  1. You´re being way too modest, you´re an excellent baker. The almond croissant is so you. Hope you had a lovely day.
    How´s your exhibition coming along?


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