Tokyo at Night

DSC_0192I love Tokyo during nighttime, especially during the summer months as the temperature gets just a little bit more bearable then. Like a moth to a flame, I’m in love with the lights, which glow long into the night.

DSC_0207I’ve now bid さようなら (sayōnara/goodbye) to Tokyo and have returned to Stockholm. However, I still have a few things that I haven’t shared yet, so I’ll still be posting about Tokyo in the coming days.



Hello, My Name is Paul Smith

DSC_0159Yesterday was the last day of the Hello, My Name is Paul Smith exhibition at The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo and I was fortunate enough to catch it before it moves on to The Matsuzakaya Museum, Nagoya (11 September 2016 – 16 October 2016).

DSC_0121A recreation of Paul Smith’s Studio.

DSC_0140I first saw the exhibition when it debuted at the Design Museum, London back in 2013-2014 and even bumped into Paul Smith himself by coincidence, who was there for a book signing of the exhibition catalogue.

DSC_0127Paul Smith Mini Cooper.


DSC_0147The Paul Smith watch collection plays on the conventions of classic watch design juxtaposed with playful details and unexpected elements.

DSC_0158Paul Smith’s personal selection from the collections in his archive. Currently Paul Smith produces two collections for men and women as well as one exclusive collection for Japan only.


DSC_0151The exhibition was absolutely packed with visitors, which is of course great for the museum, but made it more challenging for visitors to see and appreciate all of the different aspects that the exhibition had to offer.

Loft – Stationery

DSC_0109As I am about to embark on my master’s thesis, a trip to Loft in Shibuya became necessary to stock up on cute stationery to help me keep track of all of the research and writing to come.

DSC_0106Pink macaroon shaped paperclips; panda and bunny stick markers, sprinkle and jelly bean double clips; pliable monkey clip/bookmarks; and pastel bear sticky notes were just some of the kawaii (cute) essentials that I purchased.

DSC_0118Loft has the best sticker assortment section that I have ever seen. Their dog stickers featuring dachshunds, pomeranians, akita dogs and toy poodles are ridiculously adorable and make me want a doggie so bad. I also picked up some panda, patisserie and sumo stickers. I’m not entirely sure how cute stickers are going to help me in my quest for academic success but I simply had to have them.

DSC_0143Shibuya, Tokyo.

Breadworks – ブレッドワークス

DSC_0151Tokyo has a great deal of terrific bakeries and Breadworks is no exception. I adore freshly baked bread and hunting for the perfect loaf that suits the mood of my taste buds is an indulgence that I enjoy immensely.


DSC_0153I buy an almond croissant and fresh juice, as well as a loaf to bring home with me and head to the outdoor dining area to enjoy a beautiful day by the Tokyo canal.

Tokyo Tower – Main Observatory

DSC_0122In silhouette Tokyo Tower looks incredibly similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Appearance-wise the most obvious difference is that here in Tokyo the tower is a bright red color with white horizontal stripes towards the top.

DSC_0126I ventured up to the main observatory on an especially beautiful day and the view was fantastic.

Slow House Tokyo


Slow House is a super trendy lifestyle brand here in Tokyo and to briefly sum it up, it’s a hipster’s paradise.

The store is large with two full stories of carefully selected items for every aspect of your life. That includes everything from mason jars, bistro chairs, and exciting ceramics for the kitchen; obscure artisanal soaps (organic of course) for the bathroom; decorative items for the living room; clothes and accessories; as well as a large gardening section.


Upstairs focuses mainly on vintage furniture, all with a retro Scandinavian feel.


The boutique is situated in a cute area with chic restaurants and a bakery. All are located by a spacious river deck that offers a nice opportunity for a leisurely stroll with a view of the water and Tokyo’s cityscape.