Window Shopping Wishlist


I was absolutely drooling outside of the luxurious Chaumet boutique when I saw this stunning set among numerous other saliva, adrenaline inducing haute accessories. When exactly would I wear this you might ask and I would respond ideally always. However, being the practical girl that I am, I fully understand that it might not be the best idea rocking up to the underground in these. Therefore I would have to settle for wearing them during more special occasions such as special dinners, events and the opera. Ah, one can dream right!


With price tags ranging from around ¥583,200 to ¥3,240,000 for the rings and bracelets directly above, I think I might be waiting quite a while before this wish comes true.



Coming of Age Day

Coming of Age Day Meiji Shrine

Yesterday was the coming of age day here in Japan, which celebrates young people reaching adulthood/the day of majority -20 years old. I visited the beautiful Meiji Shrine to catch a glimpse of the stunning traditional kimonos and ornate obi belts.

Meiji Shrine Japan

Coming of Age Day JapanObi belt.

Coming of Age Day Japan

Japanese Obi Belt

Coming of Age Day Japan

Along with the fur collars, kimonos and obi belts, elaborate hair pieces are worn.

Coming of Age Day Meiji Shrine Tokyo