Day Trip to Uppsala, Part I

Uppsala, SwedenTook the train up north to Uppsala, which takes about 40 minutes from central Stockholm to enjoy a change of scenery during a day trip.

Uppsala SwedenThe city has a small town feel and walking along the river Fyris is quite charming.

Uppsala Sweden

Uppsala SwedenThe well-known twin towers of Uppsala Cathedral can be seen in the distance.

Uppsala Sweden

Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquity

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquity, StockholmLucky me got a private tour of the stunning Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquity, which is situated in the Royal Palace, though is currently closed to the public. It consists of two semi-small stone galleries. I’m ready to make it my summer residence, where I would throw the most fabulous parties on the terrace, which the large french windows open up to.

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquity, Stockholm

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquity, Stockholm

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquity, StockholmHere the handsome Endymion can be seen in his eternal sleep, awaiting to be kissed by his lover Selene.

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquity, Stockholm

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquity, StockholmFrom left to right: Faustina Maior, Marcus Aurelius, and Faustina Minor.

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquity, Stockholm

Stockholm Costume & Fashion Institute

Stockholm Costume Fashion Institute - SCFIStockholm Costume & Fashion Institute (SCFI) occupies the Erskine house in the Swedish meatpacking district (Hallvägen 21, Johanneshov). Unlike New York’s trendy meatpacking district, the Swedish one has stayed true to its roots and continues to function as just that, with the exception of SCFI’s temporary entrance onto the scene.

Stockholm Costume Fashion Institute - SCFIBox 9: Vikinga-romantik. Handbag Thierry no. 1 by Aia Jüdes, 2013.

Their current exhibition Kostym kontra mode, Svenska pärlor från scen till catwalk (January 21 – April 30, 2017), which translates roughly to costume in contrast to fashion, Swedish gems from the stage to the catwalk, covers Swedish 20th century costume from theater and film posed against contemporary Swedish fashion. Here’s a peek inside…

Stockholm Costume Fashion Institute - SCFIBeckmans Box, The Francis Rose Hasenkamp Collection by Klara Modigh.

Stockholm Costume Fashion Institute - SCFIBox 5: Kläder som skulptur (Clothes as sculpture)

Stockholm Costume Fashion Institute - SCFI

Stockholm Costume Fashion Institute - SCFIBox 7: För stor för Sverige? (Too big for Sweden?)

Globen, StockholmViews from the window reveal the Globe arena and Tele2 arena in the distance.

Grocery Shopping in Tokyo

SushiI love grocery shopping in Tokyo. My local supermarket has the best sushi and tempura (deep fried) aisle, which tops several Japanese restaurants internationally. My go-to favorites include kappamaki (cucumber rolls) and pumpkin, sweet potato tempura. Add some edamame to that and I’m golden.

Japanese TempuraJapanese tempura.

Japanese ChipsThe snack aisles are pretty epic but that’s easy for me to say who grew up snacking on Japanese shrimp chips and seaweed flavored potato chips.

Raspberry KitKatRaspberry KitKat bars, where else? They also have matcha/green tea flavored KitKats, which I’ve tried and are quite nice.

Japanese chocolate grocery aisleThe chocolate aisle has me drooling at the mere thought. Meji’s almond chocolates and macadamia chocolates are delicious. As are Meji’s meltykiss chocolates (strawberry flavor is my favorite), which live up to their name in the way that they melt in your mouth.